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Challenge #e.i.g.h.t#

Hey hey, Merry Christmas, guys. ^_^ Your gift from me is a new challenge! You can also give the gift of elimination in the voting post!

This week's theme is:


Your goal is to create an icon that has at least two images in it. They can be the same image or two completely different ones.

Examples by me:

General Rules

[x] Submit your icon to this post. (It’ll be screened.)
[x] You may only submit ONE icon.
[x] The icon must abide by LJ standards (100x100).
[x] No animated icons.
[x] You may only use official anime and manga images. No fanart or doujinshi!
[x] You're allowed to alter or switch your submission icon up until the due date.
[x] Deadline is Saturday, December 30th, 11:59 PM PST

There are no more drop outs.
Tags: challenge, session 4, week 8
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