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Rules for Icon-Nins

1) First, you have to sign up. Sign ups will be announced when opened. ^_^

2) If you sign up, you're agreeing to participate in all challenges. Failure to participate in a challenge will result in disqualification. (And you don't want that.) Everybody is entitled to one "drop out" week, but only if they comment on THIS POST. To be fair to everyone, in the next challenge a drop-out participates in, they will be penalized with one vote. That just means a drop-out will have to work a little bit harder, but that's okay... because a drop-out can beat a genius with hard work. ^.~ Drop outs will not be allowed as the game enters its last three rounds!

3) Schedule: Monday: New Challenge, Previous Results; Tuesday - Saturday: Submission; Sunday: Voting

4) Vote for the icons you like the least, not for your favorites! All votes will be screened, so please vote with a valid reason in mind. A valid reason is based on design and not on something silly like not liking the character/pairing/etc. in the icon.

Submission Guidelines

1) Icons cannot be animated. Icons must be 100x100.

2) In challenges where a specific image is not given, you cannot use fanart or doujinshi. Official manga and anime images only!

3) Your icons must be FRESH for each challenge!

4) Participants will submit the icons to that week's challenge post, all submissions will be screened.

5) Icons are to be submitted in this way:

URL of Icon: http://i73.photobucket.com/albums/i238/naruto_lims/nlimsicon2.png

Voting: How it Works
1) Every week participants will vote people out of the game. The amount of people cut each week depends on how many people are in the game/participate in the round. That will be specified every vote.

2) Voting Format: Icon # - Valid reason for selection

3) There will also be a bonus vote based on the mechanics of design, such as "best crop" or "best colors." No reasoning is required unless you want to comment on it. Winnner of the bonus vote gets one vote subtracted from their total vote count in the next challenge.

Rules for Non-Participants
1) If you want to keep tabs on the competition, you're welcome to friend the community! ^^

2) Please don't take the icons without permission.

3) You can't vote. Don't try.

4) Okay. I lied. You do get to vote, but your vote is different. Spectators get to vote on their one very favorite icon of the bunch. The lucky icon maker will get the title of Spectator's Choice.

Here's a handy, concise voting guide for anyone that's still confused: The Naruto: LIMS Voting Bible
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