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Voting, Week 9 - Final

Before we begin.

Everyone who participated in this session of naruto_lims is allowed and ENCOURAGED to vote. There were forty-two participants at the start of this game; it is completely ridiculous to recieve less than 10 votes when it comes around to the final rounds. I understand that some of you stop caring, but it's not fair to remaining contestants (who, for nine weeks have churned out high quality icons). Nor is it a treat for me, the person that takes personal time (sometimes hours of it) to run this game for myself and others to have fun. Considering the amount of time that I and the remaining iconists have put into this, surely you guys could stop and take five minutes to give your input on these icons. You would expect the same if you were in the same position.

The finalists, of course, do not have to vote, as I don't expect you guys to vote against yourselves, therefore the votes would just cancel each other out.

Anyway, sorry that I'm late with this. Being without proper internet sucks bad.

Voting Summary
Elimination - Vote for the two weakest icons.

Theme Reminder: Provided Image. (Use of this image in conjunction with others was allowed.)

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